Odoo Ecommerce ​

Your ecommerce on Odoo is the digital showcase of your business. At NX Digital, we assist you in putting your products and services online to ensure the shopping experience for your customers is as pleasant as possible. We make sure that this experience is seamless, from browsing your online store to delivery to your customer through your preferred transport partners.

The benefits of an Odoo Ecommerce


Thanks to the Odoo ecosystem, your ecommerce automatically performs the various operations required in the applications linked to your webshop. Stocks are automatically updated in case of orders or restocking, for example. This frees up your time to focus on customer experience and satisfaction.


Just like with the Odoo website editor, you can customize your ecommerce according to your business needs and the customer experience you wish to offer. It's possible to personalize themes, functionalities, etc. This high degree of customization allows your site to stand out from competitors and meet your customers' expectations.

Easy to use

If you dream of a solution that is quick to adopt and not complex, Odoo ecommerce is THE solution you need. Indeed, in the webshop market, it is one of the simplest platforms to maintain and use on a daily basis. This simplicity allows you to focus on the essentials: your clients and the development of your business.

Steps to create an Ecommerce on Odoo

Structure ​​

Reflection on the structure based on the purpose of your Odoo ecommerce.


Choice of design that offers the simplest and most pleasant shopping journey for your customers.


Publication of your site and training to enable you to maintain and update it.

More clients

Thanks to the search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities offered by Odoo's ecommerce and website platforms, you attract more prospects to your webshop.

More conversion

Simple navigation and extensive checkout options greatly facilitate the conversion of your visitors into buyers.​

Unbeatable pricing

If you start by setting up an Odoo website, all the applications you connect afterward will not cost you an extra euro.

Is Odoo suitable for my business ?

Many entrepreneurs today are asking themselves this question. This 5-page white paper answers it by describing the types of businesses Odoo solutions cater to. If you're looking to increase your company's profitability, have a clear view of your financials, streamline your administrative management, or establish an online presence for your business, then this document will show how Odoo can help you achieve these goals.

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Frequently asked questions

If your current licence only included one application, it was free. As soon as you extend the functionalities of your Odoo database to include more applications, you are on a budget of €20/month per user for a standard version (without any specific development). This makes Odoo the most affordable ERP solution on the market! 

Each project is different, so it is difficult to give an exact amount. However, for the configuration of an odoo e-commerce and an odoo website, you should expect to pay at least €2,200. 

How do I manage the stock of my products online?  

To improve efficiency, we often advise our customers to install a stock management system in Odoo so that they can monitor remaining quantities and easily plan replenishment to avoid stock-outs!