Odoo ERP

Implementing a new ERP in a company is a crucial project that requires careful planning, effective implementation, and user involvement and support. At NX Digital, we pay particular attention to your company's culture and the goals you aim to achieve with the implementation of an Odoo ERP. It is the combination of our expertise and your objectives that ensures the success of this transition to your new ERP.

The benefits of Odoo ERP


Odoo offers a multitude of applications that cater to the needs of your various departments such as sales, purchases, inventory, accounting, etc. This allows you to have a coherent and integrated system that improves your efficiency and reduces the risk of errors.​


The Odoo ERP ecosystem offers a wealth of features commonly sought in other standalone software, such as automation, customization, multi-channel capabilities, and more. All of these are available as standard in Odoo, making you autonomous and limiting the need for additional development.


You can start with basic functionalities and expand them as your business grows and your needs evolve. You begin using Odoo with the application that meets your most pressing needs and then gradually extend the solution to other departments. All of this is done in an integrated and scalable manner.

The steps to setup Odoo ERP

Structure ​​

Prioritization of your needs and reflection on the structure of your new ERP


Selection of the applications to start with and definition of a schedule


Implementation of key applications and features and support in their adoption

Boost your profitability

With its high level of customization, your website will reflect the unique personality of your business and allow you to stand out from your competitors.

Motivate your teams

With an online presence and a website connected to your Odoo CRM, manage the journey of your prospects from A to Z by offering them a unique user experience from your website.

Reduce your costs

Odoo offers pricing per user regardless of the number of applications to be installed. This makes their ERP extremely competitive compared to other solutions on the market.

Is Odoo suitable for my business ?

Many entrepreneurs today are asking themselves this question. This 5-page white paper answers it by describing the types of businesses Odoo solutions cater to. If you're looking to increase your company's profitability, have a clear view of your financials, streamline your administrative management, or establish an online presence for your business, then this document will show how Odoo can help you achieve these goals.​

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Frequently asked questions 

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a set of applications that enables companies to manage and automate their internal processes, such as accounting, stock management, human resources and more. 

Every project is different. We take the time to identify your needs and translate them into concrete action. To define a price, we first need to meet.

Can all sectors use ERP software? 

Of course you can! Every sector can benefit from the advantages of ERP software. This IT tool enables you to manage all facets of your business.