Odoo On-site Services

Managing your schedule or that of your teams becomes effortless with the Odoo 'On-site Services' application. Plan, track, and bill your interventions in just a few clicks. With the help of NX Digital, focus on your business; we support you in optimizing the daily management of your company.  

The benefits of the Odoo On-site Services app


Easily access the application in the office or on-site from your phone, tablet, or computer. Both you and your clients have easy access to quotes, intervention reports, and invoices.


At any time, you have a clear view of your teams' schedules and can modify them on the fly. Your employees have a clear view of the tasks to be performed on-site and can, in just a few clicks, add the used materials to the intervention record.


You can start with basic functionalities and expand them as your business grows and your needs evolve. You begin using Odoo with the application that meets your most pressing needs and then gradually extend the solution to other departments. All of this is done in an integrated and scalable manner.

Success-story : les résultats de l'implémentation Odoo

Découvrez comment Odoo Services sur site a aidé notre client a gagner en efficacité et à mieux gérer les interventions de ses techniciens. 

Découvrir les résultats

The steps for implementing Odoo On-site Services

Structure ​​

Prioritizing your needs and reflecting on the structure of your new way of working with Odoo


Presentation of future tools and new processes. Validation of the approach


Implementation of key applications and features and support in their adoption

Plan in 1 clic

Thanks to its ease of use and clear views, Odoo On-Site Services allows you to plan interventions in no time!

Follow-up interventions

At any time, know who is on which site and how your employees' day is going.

Invoice instantly

During the project or at the end of an intervention, send your invoice in no time, even if you add additional equipment.

Is Odoo On-site Services suitable for my business ?

Various sectors of activity can function very well with this application. In most cases, as soon as a visit to the client is necessary, this application proves to be useful.

Discover in 5 minutes our case study on the implementation of an on-site service for a fireplace insert brand that plans, tracks, and bills for installations and maintenance at its clients' locations. 

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we can create customised work reports in Odoo to meet your needs in the field. 

Yes, thanks to our real-time tracking of all interventions. 

 Do technicians have to work on a laptop to access Odoo?

No. Odoo can be accessed via computer, tablet or smartphone at no extra cost. However, you will need an internet connection as Odoo is available in the cloud.