Odoo CRM

Découvrez comment Odoo CRM peut transformer votre entreprise en un centre de données organisé et efficace. Des suivis clients simplifiés à la gestion des ventes en passant par la fidélisation de la clientèle, un CRM est une plateforme intégrée pour maximiser vos opportunités commerciales. Améliorez la collaboration interne, automatisez les tâches répétitives et gardez une vue d'ensemble de votre pipeline de ventes grâce à Odoo CRM.

The benefits of Odoo CRM


Thanks to the Odoo ecosystem, you can easily manage all your activities. As part of a CRM, you can link it with a web form, enabling you to receive new opportunities automatically in your pipeline as soon as they are filled in. In just a few clicks, you can link quotes to the opportunities you've won. Everything is stored on a single piece of software, so it's impossible to get lost!


Customizing a CRM? For what purpose? You can define the stages of your sales pipeline to choose what suits you best on a day-to-day basis. We can also help you set up automated actions to save you time or send you reminders about certain opportunities.

Easy to use

If you're looking for a solution that's quick to learn and not too complex, Odoo CRM is THE solution for you. There are many competitors on the market. Odoo is powerful and stands out because it is an ERP. It allows you to easily manage the different areas of your business: your crm, your website, your accounting and much more.

Steps for creating an Odoo CRM

Analysis ​​

Thinking about your needs and how to improve your processes using Odoo.


Configuration of your Odoo CRM and other applications if required.


Training future database users.

More opportunities

Thanks to the possibilities offered by an ERP, you can easily manage all your company's activities. A website is a complementary module to CRM because the web form is directly linked to your CRM.

Easier to use

You send personalised quotes to your prospects directly via your pipeline. You convert them into customers and get them to sign your invoices in just a few clicks.

A single software package

A CRM is good, an ERP is even better! Think about the future development of your company. By using Odoo, you can manage all your activities in a single application.

Les questions les plus fréquentes

If your current licence only included one application, it was free. As soon as you extend the functionalities of your Odoo database to include more applications, you are on a budget of €20/month per user for a standard version (without any specific development). This makes Odoo the most affordable ERP solution on the market! 

Creating your own odoo website has a number of advantages: it is easy to use as it works via a system of moveable blocks. This makes it easy to maintain. By creating it on Odoo, you can link a web form on your website to your Odoo CRM. Once the form has been completed by your visitor, a new opportunity will be created in your pipeline.

To find out more about the advantages of an odoo website, click here.

Can I automate certain actions? 

To increase efficiency, we often advise our customers to use automated actions. This will facilitate the day-to-day management of your CRM. However, since version 17, Odoo has made these automated actions available only in the custom version of Odoo. In practical terms, what does this mean for you? Instead of paying €20/month per user, you now pay €30/month per user.

Odoo remains a very interesting and competitive solution on the market. What's more, the Custom version gives you access to Studio, which is often very useful for further customising your database.