Odoo Partner

Our primary goal is to make your work easier and lighten your daily load. As an Odoo Partner, we always ensure that your investments bring you the most value possible. 

A unique approach

Our approach focuses on your specific business needs. As an Odoo Partner accompanying you in the implementation of Odoo, we offer applications and processes that best suit your objectives, aiming to empower you. With this in mind, we propose the standard version of Odoo so that you are not dependent on any technical provider for the maintenance of your applications. NX Digital supports you in the implementation and adoption of these new tools and processes, both in your entire digital transition and in any of its stages, according to your needs.

Digital audit

Before implementing any tools or changing processes, a thorough evaluation is essential to identify and prioritize priorities in order to maximize added value for your business

Processes automation

Once redundant manual processes are identified, we automate them to free up your time for tasks with higher added value.


The smooth operation of the new processes and tools implemented provides clear, accurate, and real-time visibility on the key figures of your business. This ultimately allows better decision-making.

Support and advice

The human factor being the key to the success of your project, we support you in project management and in mastering the tools to become quickly autonomous.

Always true to our values


We ensure technological monitoring so that you stay at the forefront of innovation. We help you make the best decisions through the dashboards and monthly analyses that we provide you.


We are driven by challenges and commit to seeing our mission through to the end. Moreover, we respect and guarantee the confidential treatment of your data at all times.


Beyond meeting your specific needs, we come with a real strength in proposing solutions. We are focused on results and long-term outcomes.

We offer the best solutions for managing your SME: dashboards, tools, and processes.

One Odoo Partner comapny. One team.

Laurent Van Obbergen, cofounder    

   +32 (0)479/79.39.80


 Laurent Van Obbergen

Julien Gransard, 
Digital Transformation Consultant

   +32 (0)2 898/10.39


Julien Gransard

Juliette Palmeri 
Digital Transformation Consultant

   +32 (0)2 898/10.39


 Juliette Palmeri

David Champenois, cofounder                              

   +32 (0)472/18.21.46


 David Champenois

Antoine Philippart
Project Manager & Strategy Consultant                          

   +32 (0)2 898/10.39


Antoine Philippart

Thibault Michelet
Strategy Consultant                          

   +32 (0)2 898/10.39


 Thibault Michelet